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CryptoCribs: A cryptocurrency and decentralised Airbnb

Airbnb disrupted the travel- and housing industry and democratised the hotelbusiness. 
Now that Airbnb is reaching maturity and is preparing itself for an IPO, new disruptive initiatives come to life like CryptoCribs

CryptoCribs is an Airbnb copy with one adjustment from it's inspirator.  You can only pay in cryptocurrency. Being the crypto company that it is they don't call it a copy ofcourse, they call it a hardfork.  

A purely peer-to-peer electronic short-term rental system would allow rental payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through financial and reputational intermediaries like Airbnb. We want to provide a peer-to-peer solution to the trust problem inherent with renting out apartments to strangers around the world.

In short they want to decentralise the Airbnb model and work on the trust problem that they call inherent with renting out your apartment to strangers. It looks like the trust problem of Airbnb is already sufficiently solved, they have over 3 million listings on their platfomr, so it's not sure how paying with crypto currencies will add to the issue.

Decentralisation could be very interesting since centralised platforms like Airbnb, Uber and Amazon grow increasingly powerful. They disrupted some very powerful regulated and closed markets, but are rapidly becoming what they fought in the first place. Decentralisation, if executed correctly, can help to solve that problem. This could also be solved with other initiatives like Fairbnb and there will be some issues about properly taxing hosts when all is payed in crypto's but it will certainly be interesting to see if CryptoCribs will be able to get traction and what impact they will make in the future.


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