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Your doorlock as a platform: Amazon smartlock

Ordering online gives you great convenience. You don't have to leave the house to shop. The downside is that when the deliveryguy comes, you can't leave the house. The most frustrating part of online shopping is when you just missed the delivery guy. Amazon is fixing this with a new smart lock.

The 'Amazon Key'  as they call it is a smart lock for your home. If you select the option for "in-home delivery" when ordering your package, a delivery driver will be able to enter your home even when you're not there and drop off your package. Amazon handles entry to your home so the driver never gets a key or access code to your home. The service also comes with a security camera so you can watch the delivery happen in real time.

Amazon wouldn't be Amazon if there wasn't more to it. The lock is not only for delivery, but it will act as a platform. Amazon already collaborates with cleaning company Merry Maids and dogwalker so they can enter your home when you are away. It doesn't take a genius to see the possibilities for homesharing companies like Airbnb and repair services or the cable guy to use the lock.

This new move doesn't only makes the delivery proces more convenient by widening the bottleneck of online shopping (with the result that Amazon will sell more) it will also strengthen the position of Amazon for services in and around the house. When you have a broken washing machine, you can now ask Alexa to order one, and have it installed in your home while at work. 

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