Carehome: Airbnb for Hospital patients

It's widely known that you can earn some extra cash by hosting tourists in your home with platforms like Airbnb, or HomeAway, but now there is a new way to put your spare bed to good use (and earn some money). Taking care of recovering patients.

In Essex, Britain, you can now host hospital patients in your home according to the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant . Carehomes is a startup that allows you to host patients who need to recover but don't have family where they can stay.  It will lower the costs tot a 100 pounds per day. As a host you receive half of it. The other 50 Pounds goes to taking care of the patient with 3 meals a day and a fee for Carehomes. This is cheaper than a hospital bed and the NHS says it's a necessary step to cut costs and solve the shortage of hospital beds with the aging of Britain's population.

Opponents say that that the initiative puts too much emphasis on the financial benefits for the host and is against this step in privatising the care for patients.