Berlin unbans Airbnb for first and second homes

Berliners who want to rent their apartment during their own holiday, can do so 60 days a year. For this, they have to register with the district office, get a number, which they then have to specify when renting on relevant portals such as wimdu or Airbnb. By the end of March of the following year, the "home-sharers" must indicate when and for how long they have rented their apartment.

Earlier Berlin banned renting out your whole home on platforms like Airbnb, Wimdu or Althoug it was still allowed to rent out a pied-a-terre or 49% of your first home. The ban on renting out your whole home comes to an end due to the Berlin Senate who, in addtion to legalising Airbnb again adds some rules. Property owners have to register and let the municipality know how many days they've rented out each year.