Dutch bikesharing companies launch first meta sharing platform

Dutch bikesharing companies caught a lot of complaints when they entered the Dutch (and Amsterdam) market in 2017. Out of nowhere as many as 6 bikesharing platforms started to flood the city with bikes in bright colors. Orange, green and yellow took over the streets and the local residents didn't like it at all.

Soon the municipality took action and it banned the bikes. One of the biggest complains was the inefficient way a  multi party market would work. You would need apps for all the bikecompanies and that would also mean that there are more bikes needed to make the system work good enough for Amsterdammers to say goodbye to their beloved bike and clear up some public space.

The bikesharing companies seem to have listened and they are launching a metaplatform in the beginning of 2019. With one app you can rent bikes from the different suppliers. This way there are less bikes needed to make it work and thus less public space. It would be nice if other sharing platform would follow because it will not only make the sharing economy more efficient, it would also make it more transparant. Less need for double listings on different homesharing sites etc.